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This forum neeedd shaking up and you've just done that. Great post!


I do follow Ming, and Robin Wong as well Malaysia is reseepentrd by some very good photographers! I don't know Thorsten but I'll look him up. And who doesn't know who Joe is, though I've never had the pleasure of meeting him.I'm an engineer for my day job if I had to eat off of my photography I'd be a much thinner man, lol. My title is Process Control Engineer which requires mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines. Most of my time is spent these days in writing or modifying software for automation, control, data collection, and reporting systems. I enjoy programming especially for real time systems very much.It's all very well to move to Leica but my gosh the prices for those systems! I can't bring myself to make such a leap. I do have a Leica Minilux Zoom film camera which is a clever little beast. It looks like it has virtually no controls but it fools you. If you've never studied one, it will surprise you with what it can actually do. My youngest daughter gave it to me as a gift for my camera collection so no I can say I have a Leica, lol.