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IMHO you've got the right anwser!


Ike: this comes via SPON. Hardly a viable sucore for balanced, considered or evenhanded information on matters of American policy, especially regarding national security. Knee-jerk anti-Americanism is a dearly held tradition over there. These scenarios are aimed at the American public, which on both sides of the political fence has been highly suspicious of, say, the Office for Homeland Security, viewing it as almost totally incompetent, ridiculously overgrown and potentially dangerous (that it took these people ten years to finish off bin Laden, as welcome as this news was, does not really much to correct the overall impression). In highly special cases, such as with Stuxnet last year, cyberwar might even succeed if you are dumb enough to run nuclear technology on unchecked technology from a single manufacturer in this case Siemens with software that you have not written yourself. As a rule, the American scenarios have supplanted those of the Cold War, like the Bomber Gap and the Missile Gap ( We think we have to fear the worst, and have to be prepared = Give Us Money). Technology, though, has driven the costs of these measures way down: writing code is a bit cheaper than assembling nuclear warheads. The bluster about taking military measures to protect US citizens threatened abroad is, sadly, just that: bluster, in order to show some backbone to the voters (who are the taxpayers, remember). Checking the facts reveals that Americans who get into serious trouble abroad are no better off than citizens of other states unless they are soldiers in a war zone and there are battle-ready troops nearby.

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